TD 4183 Glucometer FAQs

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TD 4183 Glucometer

What does this glucometer do?
The glucometer measures the blood sugar levels from a drop of blood from the patient's finger.
Does everyone have the same blood sugar levels
No but the glucometer can be set with parameters which allow for patients to detect high or low sugar levels.
What is a normal blood sugar level
Normal blood sugar readings are between 4mmol to 7mmol, any reading below 4mmol is considered a low blood sugar reading and any reading above 7mmol is considered a high blood sugar reading.
How do I set the glucometer with my own blood sugar parameters
  • Please refer to the instructional videos on the Patient Portal or alternatively consult page 11 of the Owner's Manual in regard to setting the blood glucose measuring mode target range.
  • The settings can be changed on the glucometer by holding down the 3 buttons (up arrow, M button and down arrow) together.
  • Please note that the parameters can only be changed in the setting mode, again consult the Owner's manual for additional information.
What does the M button on the device do
The M button on the glucometer stands for memory which means the patient can recall their last blood sugar reading by pressing the M button.
Can I personalise my glucometer in any other ways
Yes, the settings that can be personalised include, date, time, alarm reminders, memory settings and buzzer settings.

Test Strips

What are test strips
Test Strips are inserted into the Glucometer once a suitable sample of blood is applied allows the device to read blood sugar levels.
Can I use any test strips with my glucometer
The test strips that accompany the glucometer are specific to the TD 4183 glucometer.
How do I know I have the correct test strips for the tiadoc Glucometer
The strip is blue on one side and white on the other side.
Which end of the test strips do I use to make contact with the blood sample
  • The white part of the strip on the blue side is where the sample of blood is absorbed by the strip for the glucometer to measure the blood sugar.
  • The strip must be inserted with the blue side facing upwards. To assure that the strip is correctly placed, the blue side of the strip has arrows directing which end of the strip is placed into the glucometer.

Log Book

What is the Log Book

A log Book has been provided in your Starter Pack. The log book is designed to assist you in the management of your diabetes. Additionally it may prove useful in recording data to share with your medical Professional. Please also note that your device hold up to 1000 reading in its internal memory.

Test Strips Container (pot)

What do all the numbers on the test strip container mean
The container for the strips has the lot number, GTIN number and expiry date on the front of the container. Also printed on the container are the control solution ranges in mmol and mg/dL, which are printed on the front of the container. The measurement of blood sugar levels in most of Europe is mmol, America tends to use mg/dL in its measurements.

Control Solution

What is the control Solution
The control solution is used to determine the glucometer’s reading measurements within the ranges provided on the control solution containers.
What is the Control Solution used for
  • The control solution is used to determine the glucometer’s reading measurements within the ranges provided on the control solution containers. Please refer to the user manual or the online videos for further clarification
  • Please note that there are three different control solutions that can be used with this glucometer.
  • B3 has a range of 15.2-20.5mmol
  • W2 has a range of 6.4-8.7mmol
  • Y1 measures low blood sugars which I don’t have the ranges of, please check with Y1 control solution box for the ranges.
How do I use the control Solution
  • To use the control solution place a drop onto a clean surface and use the test strip to absorb the drop so the glucometer can read the solution, do not apply the control solution directly onto the test strip.
  • The control solution can only be used with the TaiDoc Glucometer, in order to read within the ranges provided on the test strip container.


What are lancets
  • The lancet is the device used to pierce the skin in order to facilitate the extraction of a sample blood droplet
  • The lancet should never be used without the lancing device (also referred to as a lancing pen or just pen)
  • The lancets proved with the glucometer are disposable.
  • The lancets are inserted into the lancing device by unhooking the top of the lancing device.
  • The depth of injection of the needle into the patient’s finger can be adjusted by using the guide that is on the top of the lancing device.
  • The lancets, once injection occurs, can be removed into a sharps bin, by pressing on the firing button in the center of the lancing device, this means that the patient does not have to touch the lancet and more importantly the needle protruding out from the lancet.
  • The lancing device itself once the lancet is inserted, can be primed for injection by pulling back on the grey tab at the bottom of the lancing device.
  • The firing button on the lancing device is a raised clear button and once the site is prepared for injection, the patient presses down on the firing button which will then fire the lancet into the patient’s finger.
  • Then the site of injection will produce a droplet of blood for the glucometer to measure.
  • Please note it is advised that the patient should wash their hands prior to injection, this will allow for an accurate measurement of blood sugars.

Error Codes

What are the Error Codes
  • All glucometers no matter the make or model have error codes, these codes mean different error which are specific to the make and model of each glucometer.
  • The error messages are in table format in the Owner's manual, please consult page 27 for the full table of error messages.
  • For example E-U means a used test strip is inserted into the glucometer.
  • E-F means that test strip was removed to early to allow for a reading or the blood volume was not sufficient for a measurement to be recorded.


What battery type does the unit take
  • One AAA disposable battery is required to power the device.
  • Once the test strip is removed from the glucometer, the glucometer will switch itself off preserving the battery.
  • A flashing battery symbol will appear on the glucometer when the battery level is low and requires changing to a new battery.
  • When replacing the battery, please ensure that the glucometer is off.
  • When the battery is inserted correctly, a beep is heard afterwards.

Alternative Site Testing (AST)

Alternative Site Testing (AST)
Please refer to page 18 of you user manual regarding queries in relation to Alternative Site Testing (AST). If you have any doubt then please a relevant medical professional.

Please note that there is a section on page 29 of the Owner’s manual which has a table of symbols and the corresponding reference to the symbols.