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What is Medlogistix?

Medlogistix is an online e-procurement and management system that helps EMS and healthcare providers gain complete control over their procurement, delivery and management processes.

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Medlogistix provides custom reporting to suit your organisations needs some of our reporting functions include


Reporting on product cost/usage in every station

Order Patterns

Access to past purchases, giving users insight into predictive ordering

Product Usage

Track historical product purchases


Track spend by station

Cost Benefits of Medlogistix

  • Proven to reduce staff & time on stock management 
  • Reduce back office costs
  • Reduced time on finance management

Tangible Cost Benefits of Medlogistix

  • Reduced stock waste
  • Reduced stock cost at individual levels
  • Optimise Resources


How can I sign up for Medlogistix?

If you want to sign up for a free demo of Medlogistix please visit https://criticalhealthcare.com/book-a-demo/

How do I make an order?

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