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What is

Medlogistix is an online e-procurement and management system that helps EMS and healthcare providers gain complete control over their procurement, delivery and management processes.

Medlogistix can be accessed remotely from anywhere, in the hospital, station or on call. Because it is remotely accessed online, you can order what you want, exactly when you need it, 24/7.

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Who is Medlogistix for?

Medlogistix was created for frontline services and healthcare professionals

What is an e-procurement platform?

E-procurement software is a cloud-based solution providing tools that facilitate each stage of the e-procurement process. It enables digital sourcing, purchasing, spend management, risk mitigation, and other critical aspects of vendor management through a single interface.

How do I sign up?

If you want to sign up for a free demo of Medlogistix please visit https://criticalhealthcare.com/book-a-demo/


Medlogistix gives users greater control over the procurement, delivery and management of their consumable stock.

Waste Reduction

by having control over stock orders and have the option to buy what you want when you need it, helps reduce wasted stock



Cost Savings

Keep track of budget spend with monthly reporting

Data & Reporting

Access to historical data and orders to help you make better purchasing decisions



History of Medlogistix

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